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Every year LVFT. CEO Randall Pich throws a red carpet event for the company to show appreciation and award the team for the year’s accomplishments and hard work. To end 2018 we transformed the warehouse into it’s very own Casino Royale for the night. Athletes, staff, family and friends were all present to take in the festivities to usher in the new year. There was black jack, craps, roulette, raffle giveaways and of course plenty of drinks, thanks to our sponsor for the night Jack Daniels. As the night went on Randall gave the Athletes and ambassadors their awards of excellence for the year and it was the perfect time to go over highlights from the year with a video montage of expos, events, and key moments from the year. The night was filled with laughs and memories, but one particular moment stood out from the rest on this night. Our very own Michael Nguyen surprised his GF Darlene Vo as he got down on one knee and popped the question. She said yes and it was just one more thing to be celebrated on this night. As the clock dwindled down to the final seconds of the year, surrounded by the people who make Live Fit. what it is, it was a perfect moment to look around and be thankful for who we have in our live’s. What a way to bring in 2019 with the Live Fit. Family! (photographed by Lucas Riley)



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Dennis Schultz
Dennis Schultz

January 09, 2019

I love the phnemonial content and amazing brand u have there.

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