Day in the Life with Athlete Tracy Cortez 1 of 2

Day in the Life with Athlete Tracy Cortez 1 of 2
Day 1 of 2
As soon as we got to Arizona we headed straight to Tracy's house to surprise her with some of the samples from the collaboration we're doing for her leading up to her fight which will soon be available to the public. We also brought some of the new pieces from the stealth collection, the new hybrid shoes and some personal custom pieces with her name on it. She was really excited and happy on how the whole design came out, the American and Mexican flag to the whole aesthetic of the design.
After all the joy and excitement it was time to get dialed in and get straight to work. Randall gave her the game plan and itinerary for what needed to get done within the next few days while we were out here.
It was already almost time for her 2nd training session so we all packed up and drove straight to her fight gym. 

Tracy welcomes us to her gym Fight Ready MMA and Fitness Center in Scottsdale where she spends most of her days training leading up to her UFC debut in November. Tracy gives our CEO Randall a quick tour of the facility before she gears up for her technical striking session.

Tracy gets mentally ready for her striking session, wrapping up and getting focused.

It's just as much mental as it is physical...

We are introduced to Tracy's striking coach Eddie Cha, who goes over multiple scenarios and is fine tuning everything in Tracy's stand up game. It's really amazing to see Tracy train in person, you can feel the energy and focus she puts into each punch and kick at the same time still remain calm with open ears listening to what her coach has to say.

You gotta work if you want it... and then work some more... 

Striking coach Eddie Cha and fighter Tracy Cortez all smiles after a rigorous session.

Tracy's all smiles after a rigorous training session...

After a full day of training it was time to get some rest and hit the reset button so we can do it all over again tomorrow. With the fight coming up so soon there isn't much time to do anything else, this is what Tracy lives and breathes... 

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  • I ain’t gone lie, every since Tracy has came along with LVFT. She is my new celebrity crush! Great job RP! She definitely has the Hussle and drive! And damn she is gorgeous! #LVFT/Everything

    AJ on
  • It’s been a long time coming and your hard work, passion and persistence is apparent!!! Time to switch gears from killer to ASSASSIN!!! Do MUTHAPHCKN work!!!!

    DIEZEL on
  • “You gotta work if you want it… and then work some more!” That’s super TOUGH Tracy!! This fight is going to be awsome!! And high five to RP and the team for making the trip to capture this! Super cool!

    Camille G on

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