November 30, 2018

After a successful launch of the Gold Edition Athlete Jacket 3.0 we knew we had to follow it up with something special. The demand for it was crazy, I mean we sold out in 2 minutes of launching the thing! We immediately knew we had to release our special project sooner rather than later.. and we introduce you to the Spartan Athlete Jacket. This one will be limited to 500 pieces also numbered starting at 201 where the gold edition jacket left off. At first glance you can see where the inspiration comes from. Live Fit. CEO Randall Pich’s love for HALO comes from his days in Long Beach, playing xbox with the homies, and he still picks up the controller every now and then. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this piece remember, that you’re getting a one of one Jacket. no other person will have the same number that you have. Don’t forget to use the #SPARTANLVFT for all of your social media posts and have a chance to be featured on the LVFT. page.


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