Hometown: North Pole, Alaska
Age: 26
How long have you been in the fitness industry: October 2013
Worst accident ever: I accidentally ate something I was allergic too and woke up with swollen hives from head to toe! Although I consumed quite a bit of benedryl the hives stayed for awhile. The next few days at the gym I was scratching myself while working out and people kept asking me what kind of pre-workout I was taking to make me so swollen, red, and itchy. All I could do was laugh and try to keep the
swollen red marks covered. It was a long 3 weeks before the hives finally went away!
Favorite athlete: It’s so hard to pick athlete favorites. There are so many I respect and admire! A few of my favorites are; Rich Froning, Dana Linn Bailey, Sydney Crosby, Bella Falconi, and Tim Duncan.
Other hobbies: Backpacking Countries, NRA Sharpshooter, Fishing, Salsa Dancing, Snowboarding, Painting, Playing Piano, Daredevil(sky-diving, bungee jumping, cliff jumping).
How important is fitness to you and how has it impacted your life: Fitness is not just a physical importance to me but a spiritual one. It’s about taking care of my body as a whole. The feeling I get when I walk into a gym, when I run trails, when I backpack other countries, when I’m on top of a mountain with a snowboard, is a passion I can’t explain. The only other stronger passion I have is helping other achieve their health/fitness goals.