Hometown: Lakewood, CA
Age: 27
How long have you been in the fitness industry: I have been in the fitness industry for 4 years.
Worst accident ever: I’d say my worst accident ever would have to be an old softball injury. While playing first base, I jumped up to catch a ball that was overthrown, and was taken out in mid air by the runner. I was knocked out and woke up to a dislocated and fractured knee.
Favorite athlete: I can’t say I have a favorite athlete. I think I just have respect for all athletes at every level. I understand, respect and appreciate the time, discipline and dedication it takes to compete in any sport at any level.
Other hobbies: I love creating! Whether it be making competition bikinis, painting beautiful faces (makeup), or even just trying to recreate something I saw and really liked. I like to stay active… hikes, kayaking, beach days, paddle boarding, bike rides, I love to do it all. I am also a huge family person… Hanging with my loved ones would have to be my favorite pastime.
How important is fitness to you and how has it impacted your life: Fitness is truly a passion of mine… it is my life. Not only has fitness allowed me to be my best me, but it has allowed me to help others be the best them! To me, there is no greater reward than to help someone else, and fitness has allowed me to do that in so many different ways.