October 30, 2018

We recently spent the day with Kiki Rojas shooting some content but i wanted to shoot some looks that hasn’t been featured in a while. Looking at some some older photos I’ve shot I came across a photo of our hockey jerseys. Things move so fast here at HQ that sometimes I forget of some of the dope pieces that I haven’t shot in a minute. With our looks ready, Kiki and I headed out to a local spot. I felt like it was the perfect minimal backdrop for that red to pop in photos. Paired with her all white Vans Kiki threw on a Redline Jersey and she absolutely nailed this look. The harsh light from the back bounces perfectly off of the white walls to highlight the color of the jersey. While Kiki was switching looks I noticed she was wearing the pro sports bra. (For those who don’t know this was one of the original pieces for women to ever be produced for Live Fit. This bra is also one of the first pieces that we shoot on our athletes/ models when we bring them onto the team.) But anyways, I figured lets shoot a couple photos in that look as well. The thing I love about shooting with Kiki is she already knows what angles I’m looking for and she’s always one pose ahead of what I was going to tell her next. haha makes my job easier. After knocking out that look I get a text message from Randall saying that a new color way of the athletic goods crop top just came in so back to HQ we went to go shoot content for that. Like I said its fast pace here at LVFT. so plans can change at a moments notice and you have to be able to adapt to that quickly. Kiki and I arrived back to HQ and we decided to shoot the new crop top in our HQ gym. A lot has changed at HQ recently including an expanded gym with new equipment. Lighting during golden hour downstairs is simply amazing. You get all of that lighting flowing through the gym and we were able to grab so many shots in a short amount of time. within an hour of receiving that text from Randall we already had content lined up and ready to post for the release. To finish the day off I had Kiki switch into our recently restocked Athlete Joggers. Kiki added her own style to it by wearing her retroboom shorts underneath with the waistband exposed, I loved how it gave a more edgy look to the joggers. With the sun quickly setting we spent about 20 minutes shooting the last look for the day and finally called it. Thank you again Kiki for bringing great energy to our shoots and for sitting in traffic for an hour and a half to come down! Until next time…


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