July 31, 2017

CHEAT DAY EVERYDAY!  That’s the motto right? We recently partnered up with our good friends over at AFTERS ice cream to bring you a collab tee inspired by an idea that came together by both companies. What better way to honor everyone’s favorite day than a design with ice cream inspired letters and sprinkles on top? These shirts were first released at our annual warehouse sale and instantly became a hit. It was a no brainer to release these to the public and we quickly did a 14 storewide release at all AFTERS locations. The release was a huge success and Team LVFT. came to visit the Cerritos store to witness the release! Thank you to everyone who were lucky enough to snag a shirt and a very big thank you to AFTERS ice cream for coming together and creating something fun and unique. Looking forward to the next collab project. Until then... I’ll have a double scoop of Cookie Monster please!

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