February 01, 2020 2 Comments

The grind doesn’t stop here at the HQ!

Here's few flicks from last week... our team has been working on the Ashley Flores signature line going back and forth from testing, fitting, designing etc... everything is finalized and can’t wait to show you guys what we have in the works! stay tuned!
Don't mind all the chocolate candy haha! It was a gift from one of our fans, Raymond Eppich. Raymond, if you're reading this, thank you!! We all enjoyed the gift!
Ashley getting a little excited with the graphic design concepts and renders Randall dialed in for her based on her vision.
Stay tuned!

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Travis Dankson
Travis Dankson

February 25, 2020

Love the brand and more importantly what you guys promote.

Dennis Schultz
Dennis Schultz

February 23, 2020

I really like what u got going on! Keep rocking the content. You have a awesome brand, and i love livefitapparel.

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