Gold Edition Athlete Jacket 3.0

Gold Edition Athlete Jacket 3.0


Introducing our latest Athlete Jacket 3.0 - The Gold Edition Jackets. These limited jackets were customized with each jacket numbered 001-200 on the right chest area to show authenticity. We wanted to do something no one has ever done before... We recently released a one time 200 piece drop of these jackets... and they SOLD OUT within 2 minutes!

The anticipation and hype around these jackets were on a whole other level! With our very first athlete jacket we ever launched (the ones with the flag patches) we did two drops, the first one sold out right away online and the 2nd drop we did an in person meet and greet and had a line wrapping around the block selling out 400 to 500 jackets! And that was in 2013 when we were barely taking off... so fast forward to now 2018 we wanted to out do what we did... sure enough the demand was insane.  

Right before the launch we checked our back end dashboard and realized there was roughly 2,000 people LIVE on the site waiting to check out...

We instantly realized we could of easily sold over a thousand pieces but that wasn't our intention. My personal intention was to make something so RARE and LIMITED that when the person wears something that is literally a 1 of 1, they feel like a million bucks, that they are part of something that is special, that they have something that is special...

- CEO Randall Pich




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  • i want this jacket how can i buy it. thanks

    Allen on
  • How can I get this jacket?

    Thusitha T.D. on
  • How can get gold jacket 3.0 I want size small please ler me know .tank you

    Gabriel Ruiz on

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