July 26, 2018

With most of our Athletes in town for the week of the Annual Warehouse Sale it was the perfect opportunity to set up a team shoot for video, photos and of course getting a lift in. Our good friend Bedros Keuilian was kind enough to offer his private gym for us to use as the location for our shoot. Upon arriving we took some time to say our hello’s and catch up with one another as LVFT. CEO Randall Pich snuck in special gifts for each of the athletes. Randall spent the previous day designing and working on one of a kind Athlete jackets with each of the athletes names on them. After presenting the squad with the gifts we got down to business and spent most of the day shooting stills, and a workout video, and other behind the scenes footage that most of you have seen on Instagram. Here are just some of the shots we took from that day. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them. LIVE FIT. FOREVER!



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